Clubs & Organizations

Bulldog Coders Club

As the Computer Science industry expands, more and more students will be entering CS programs, around the world. We feel it is important to form a community to help students to network with fellow students and potential employers. We dedicated to bringing together CS students and enthusiastic for the fun, hands-on parts of CS; tutorials, research, networking, collaborative projects, competition, games and more.

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Cyber Security Club

The BSU Cyber Security Club is the newest COSC organization for students.  It is designed for students who are passionate about security and forensics studies and applications.  Activities include preparation for the *National Cyber League (NCL) fall gaming season, tutorial workshops, field trips; hackathon prep and participation; and other types of events. All COSC and CTEC students are invited to become members of this fast-growing club.  

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Women in Computer Science (WICS)

The WICS club hopes to empower women in all branches of tech. Computer science is a fast-growing scientific field in which women can participate on equal footing right from the start. Unfortunately, the trends nationwide already indicate that women are lagging. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects computer science research jobs to grow from 19% by 2025, yet women only earn 18% of computer science bachelor’s degrees in the US.

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