Department of Fine and Performing Arts

About the Exhibition

This inaugural virtual exhibition is a presentation of thesis projects from graduating seniors in the fine arts, studio art concentration, and visual communication and digital media arts (VCDMA) programs in the Department of Fine & Performing Arts.

The artworks on this digital platform are visual reflections of self-discovery, affirmation, self-care, and cultural enlightenment. Interpretations of the students’ personal experiences and observations are expressed through film, advertising design, fashion, digital media arts and photography. Students developed new skills, formed new friendships, and contributed to their communities during their matriculation at Bowie State University. Unfortunately, the major disrupter in our lives, COVID-19 is the bookend to their unique experiences. However, students were able to adapt and their creative spirit helped them adjust. Presented here are the fruits of their creative labor.

Interaction in the virtual space gives us a chance to pause and reflect during this extraordinary time. It also gives us an opportunity to expand on the ways in which we share the experience and fruits of their labor with the community. Until we meet again, after physical distancing, art and the creative imagination will be the connection we share.

Janell B. Pryor
Gallery of Fine Art Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Visual Culture