Department of Fine and Performing Arts

About the Exhibition

The artwork created for the Spring 2021 Senior Thesis Exhibition is the culmination of a process that began two years ago. In their time, these young artists have felt the need to comment on the state of mental health and wellness in the world around them and as they experience it personally.

Infusion is a virtual exhibition that represents the creative offerings of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, B. A. Fine Arts / Studio Art, and B. S. Visual Communication and Digital Media Arts graduating seniors. It is as a “remedy or extract” that has been prepared through deep contemplation and dedicated studio practice.

These students, in the midst of their matriculation, were faced with one of the greatest challenges the world has seen in a century. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped not only the outcome of their projects which were already underway but the overall paradigm of living and the conditions of working as an artist in the 21st century. Their sense of mission for self-care, providing engagement through art to help others cope with current realities, and speaking up and out on issues of concern was intensified. We hope that your interaction with this work provides you with a new perspective and appreciation of their journey and the potential impact of the arts on individual and collective wellness.

Gina Marie Lewis
Associate Professor of Art
Studio Art Coordinator
BSU Gallery of Fine Art Coordinator