Department of History & Government

History & Government Major

Whether you’re running for political office or fighting for social equality, a history and government degree from Bowie State will provide a solid foundation for success. It’s not just about memorizing historical facts and studying past events. With small class sizes and individual attention from expert faculty, you will gain the guidance and knowledge needed to become a dynamic leader. As today’s events become the narrative in tomorrow’s history books, this program will prepare you for what’s ahead. Students can further enhance their studies with concentrations and tracks covering various subjects.

As a history and government major, you will gain a broad understanding of the complex historical, social, economic and political forces within society. In addition to building strong critical thinking skills, you will also:

  • Identify key factors that connect and differentiate significant historical periods.
  • Analyze political and cultural activities, behavior and trends throughout history.
  • Study ancient African and European civilizations and their impact on the world.
  • Compare thinkers, philosophers and leaders who have made significant contributions to political thought.

Examine the inner workings of government and major policy areas, including civil rights, budgets and spending, crime and punishment, and economic growth.