Department of Language, Literature, & Cultural Studies

Remote/Online Tutoring

Our Remote/Online Tutoring Option

In addition to our in-person tutoring in MLK 204, we offer online tutoring.

First, if you haven't already, register for your account so you can book sessions. Next, when booking your session you can select an online option. Online sessions are live/real-time and can include video, audio, and/or live chat. For your online session you will meet with your tutor by logging back in to your account, click on the gold box that is your appointment, and clicking on "Start or Join Online Consultation" in the pop-up box. If this is your first online session, your computer will likely ask for your permission to use your webcam and microphone; if possible, please see yes so your consultant can better assist you.

We recommend you log in to your account about five to ten minutes before the start of your appointment and make sure you and your equipment are ready for a productive session.

Below are three instructional videos on registering for an account, booking a session, and attending your online session.

How to Register for Your Account:

This is the step #1

How to Book a Remote/Online Session:

This is the step #2

How to Attend Your Remote/Online Session:

This is the step #3


We have a few suggestions to help make your online tutoring session more successful. If possible (and we understand it might not always be possible!), we highly recommend you:

  • Upload any/all of the following documents (attach documents when you book your appointment or afterwards by clicking on “edit appointment”):
    • your writing assignment/prompt
    • any draft(s) you might have completed
    • a grading rubric from your professor
  • Use a computer or tablet with...
    • a reliable internet connection
    • a video camera
    • a microphone
  • Have any textbooks/resources you might need ready at hand

 As always, WC rules and policies still apply to online sessions:

  • If tutees are 15 minutes (or more) late to a session, they will be marked as a "no-show" and may be subject to rescheduling
  • Tutors and tutees must abide by the student code of conduct and have appropriate online behavior