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Biology Major

Biology is a vital field of study that explains the connection between humans and the world around us. With new breakthroughs in science occurring all the time, it’s crucial that talented professionals with fresh minds continue to enter the workforce. Our award-winning faculty researchers are producing the next generation of STEM leaders using collaborative and application-based learning in the Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing.

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Whether you aim to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, start a dental practice or study a new reptile species, a bachelor’s degree in biology is the necessary first step to achieving your goals. Our professors incorporate meaningful research and cutting-edge technology in our multi-million dollar STEM facility to provide the foundation you need to build a lasting career. As a biology major, you will:

  • Explore the study of life from cellular, molecular, genetic and global perspectives.
  • Gain real-life experience planning and executing in-depth research using inquiry-based techniques and analysis.
  • Understand how chemistry, mathematics, physics, and social sciences all contribute to the study of biology.

You will also benefit from integrated lecture/lab courses –a hybrid approach to teaching that allows students to apply was they have learned using problem-solving and hands-on activities.