Internet of Things & Internet Technologies

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Bowie State’s graduate program in the Internet of Things & Internet Technologies prepares students for success in an array of industries, ranging from healthcare to agriculture. Our expert faculty provide the knowledge, skill and hands-on experience to implement, configure, and manage IoT systems.

These programming, cybersecurity, and hardware design skills can be applied to an extensive range of IoT careers, yielding lucrative positions in energy, transportation and medicine. The Master of Science in IoT&IT will equip you with the skills to excel in positions including cloud solutions architecture, cloud engineering, information security analysis, computer network architecture, 5G edge computing and mobile edge computing, as well as future positions that may not exist today.

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Students who complete this master’s program will have the ability to build hardware and software, and implement security solutions for IoT&IT devices. Students will also learn forward-thinking IoT&IT principles, preparing them to be experts in their field. In this program, you will:

  • Diagram and build IoT machines and ecosystems models with existing and emerging hardware and software entities.
  • Reconstruct models to customize and maintain state-of-the-art IoT devices, internet technologies, and networks.
  • Investigate and weigh data-driven decisions linking current IT infrastructure to emerging IoT
  • Select and differentiate IoT applications, internet technologies, and protocols commonplace to the
  • Evaluate the legal and ethical implications of their work and the impact of decision-making in industry and the community.