Department of Nursing

Vision, Mission & Goals



The Department of Nursing will offer a pathway to excellence in nursing practice. Graduates will be prepared to address the evolving health care need of local and global communities.


The mission of the Department of Nursing is to provide quality academic programs offering learners the foundation upon which to expand their knowledge base and pursue advanced study. The nursing curricula are designed to prepare professional nurses who demonstrate excellence in evidence based practice, think critically, apply ethical principles and clinical reasoning, demonstrate leadership skills, value diversity and participate in or conduct research which benefits the local and global community. The Department of Nursing is committed to increasing diverse representation in the nursing profession. 


  1. To provide quality programs supportive of the learning needs of diverse learners so that they may accomplish their educational goals.
  2. To provide an environment supportive of quality instruction, the use of technology, scholarly endeavors, and critical thinking.
  3. To maintain faculty support systems and staff development programs that foster creativity and facilitate the faculty's contributions to higher education and the nursing profession.
  4. To maximize opportunities for students and faculty to participate in the internal operations of the University so as to foster optimal communications and ensure maximum involvement in the development and maintenance of programs and services.
  5. To engage in cooperative and collaborative relationships with regional communities that will promote health and nursing.