Social Work Major

Career Paths


Students who complete our fully accredited program build analytical and critical thinking skills that equip them to become thought leaders and do meaningful work for people who most need advocacy. You’ll be well-prepared to continue your education at the graduate level and pursue scholarly research in the field. Our alumni are regularly recruited by master of social work programs.

Social workers help clients makes the most of their lives in their current circumstances and environments. They’re everywhere people are in need: schools, nursing homes, military bases, courts, police departments, hospices, mental health facilities, community organizations. A degree in the field opens up options in many meaningful careers, including the list of examples below:

  • Behavioral specialist
  • Case manager
  • Clergy
  • Community organizer
  • Community services manager
  • Clinical therapist or counselor
  • Crisis counselor
  • Domestic violence coordinator
  • Educator
  • Elected official
  • Guidance counselor
  • Health educator
  • Human rights advocate
  • Interventionist
  • Juvenile detention worker
  • Lobbyist
  • Program director
  • Researcher
  • Social services worker
  • Volunteer coordinator