Scholars work on project outside of the MLK building

Past FTT Inquiries

 Past Faculty Think Tank Inquiries

Hip Hop Archive BW

Scholars Studio visit to Harvard University's Hip Hop Archive

  • Evergreen State College's Washington Center for Improving Undergraduate Education 
    31st Annual Curriculum Planning Retreat
    April 11-12, 2019, North Bend, Washington

    With the support of BSU's Provost Office, six faculty and staff members traveled to Washington to participate in a learning community planning retreat.

    Washington Center Hike
    To learn more about the experience, read our report

  •  Creating Joy and Balance in the Classroom Lunchtime Series
  • ELSS offers interdisciplinary groups of faculty opportunities to deeply explore pedagogy in inspiring settings.

    Annapolis Winter Retreat

  • Faculty are invited to join us for off-campus co-curricular activities to experience Scholars Studio's pedagogical engagement.

    Hirshorn Museum
    Jennifer White-Johnson (VCDMA faculty) and Barbara Cheadle (librarian) joined us for a trip to the Hirshorn Museum in Washington, D.C.


    Montreal Trip
    Ayanna Lynch (psychology faculty) and Maurice Robinson (alumni, entrepreneur, and communications adjunct) joined us for a trip to Montreal, Canada where we met with a representative from a prison for indigenous people that uses traditional healing practices to improve chances of success reintegration. That semester, students were enrolled in American Corrections and Health Psychology courses and charged with reconceptualizing prisons in the United States.

    Be Your Own Boss Panel
    Faculty joined us for our "Be Your Own Boss" panel, featuring entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.