Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.

Faculty Professional Development

Professional Development Sessions

College-wide professional development sessions for Bowie State Faculty

The Cognitive Behavioral Techniques for Assisting Students

Faculty know that students are exposed to stressors as part of higher education. Why do some students manage this stress well? Why do others become quickly overwhelmed? Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that thoughts, feelings and behaviors influence each other and that feeling stressed or depressed can be made worse by ways of thinking and behaving that are not positive or are distorted. CBT techniques are simple to learn and teach and can help students manage stress. In this session, we will explore awareness of mood and automatic thoughts and work with cognitive refraining techniques.

Link to Cognitive Behavioral Techniques PowerPoint

Link to Video Presentation Passcode 86^Uj!vX

Three Part Series: Your 21st-Century Classroom

Please join us for a three-part series on transparency and building community in the 21st-century classroom. Participants who attend all three sessions will receive a certificate of completion. Please bring a laptop and either a rubric to work on or an assignment without an existing rubric. We have also curated a list of useful online rubric resources for reference.

Session One: Rubrics & Grading Transparency

Date and Time: February 21 at 2-3pm; online (Zoom webinar)

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Online Rubic Resources

Presenters: Lucia Santacruz Kozarinas, Lucy Gichaga, Marianne Moore, Kim Evelyn

Session Two: Grading Efficiently (So You Have More Time)

Date and Time: March 14 at 2-3pm; online (Zoom webinar)


Presenters: Nicole Wilson, Sumanth Reddy, Marianne Moore, Kim Evelyn

Session Three: Understanding 21st-Century Students

Date and Time: April 11, 2023 at 2-3 pm; online (Zoom webinar)