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Rory Wallace
Compensation Manager

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) Compensation is responsible for ensuring Bowie State University remains compliant with state, federal, and University System of Maryland guidelines, regulations, and laws related to compensation. 

The Office of Human Resources’ Compensation is responsible for maintaining salary scales based on current USM guidelines, conducting position reclassifications, job analysis, desk audits, and requests for promotions. OHR Compensation ensures that Bowie State University maintains a fair and equitable recruitment process and will conduct market analysis for hard-to-fill roles. OHR Compensation also manages personnel transactions for new hires and contracts coming into OHR for students, Adjuncts, and Contingent I and II. 

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Salary Structures

The pay structures are organized levels of employee salaries divided by job type. It typically incorporates salary ranges for each pay grade and is bracketed by a minimum and maximum amount. USM then uses external and internal compensation data analysis to determine placement within those set structures. 

  • BSU salary structure for Faculty is maintained by the University.
  • Non-Exempt classification salary structure is maintained at the USM level.
  • The salary structure for exempt classification is overseen by USM; however, BSU determines the salary placement within the structure.

Salary Adjustment Requests

Salary adjustment is a change in an employee’s pay rate.  It can be an increase or a decrease in the salary, depending on various factors. Salary adjustments can occur outside the merit salary program or to establish either internal or external equity for a given position. Salary adjustment is different from promotion or demotion, which usually involve changes in the employee’s role and responsibilities.


Overload requests are submitted and approved for payments to Faculty and staff for temporary, additional duties for worked performed outside of the scope of the employee’s primary job functions.

Faculty Retention Increase

The purpose of a faculty retention increase is to retain a talented faculty member who brings tremendous value to Bowie State University and who otherwise would be departing from the University to accept another outside employment opportunity. Faculty members must meet the guidelines to be eligible for a retention increase.

Staff Retention Increase

The purpose of a staff retention increase is to retain an operationally-critical staff member who is being actively recruited by other employers or whose loss would be seriously detrimental to the University.  Staff members must meet the guidelines to be eligible for a retention increase.


A reclassification request is submitted where there are significant changes to the employee’s job duties, responsibilities and overall scope of the job.  Generally, a reclassification may result if the work has increased by 25% more of higher-level duties.