Policy and Procedures

Policy and Procedures

A work order form is necessary for any work request for your area. If you need keys made, HVAC adjusted, carpet repaired, etc., a work order form must be completed. This will get the process started for your work to be addressed.

Once a work order is completed, it is prioritized and the work is scheduled.

How do I submit a work request?

To request work for your area, you must fill out a work order request form. Please be sure to fill out the form completely with your name, telephone number, department, and a description of the work you need. We follow a priority system for work requests and we ask that you review this before submitting your request.

Facilities Management maintains a priority system for work order requests as a way to provide quality service to the community. The purpose of this system is to reduce the high number of non-emergency phone calls as well as to organize and schedule our resources to the maximum efficiency. Due to the many requests we receive and the need to prioritize them, day-to-day maintenance is scheduled around the list with the exception of emergency work orders.

Who do I contact for scheduled work?

The telephone number for the Service Center is 301-860-4190. The Service Center personnel can provide you with the status of your work order request.

How do I report an emergency work order?

To report an emergency to Facilities Management during regular business hours, call the Service Center at 301-860-4190. During off-hours, the Campus Police Department must be contacted at 301-860-4040.

How do I request keys?

To obtain a key(s) for Facilities Management, a work order request form must be completed. All information must be filled in on the form, an authorized signature and a description of why the key is needed. Any requests for a lock change must follow the same policy.