Priority List

Priority 1: Emergency

Response should be within one working day. Situation is an immediate safety or health hazard.

  • Glass —windows, side lights, mirrors—broken with sharp edges or out completely
  • Locks—any window or door lock not working at all that can be accessed from the outside and that could lead to a break-in or locks that need to be changed for security reasons, interior locks on sensitive space
  • Plumbing—overflowing, major leaking, clogged—drains, sinks or toilets
  • Electrical—out completely, sparking, loose outlet/switch
  • Cleaning of broken glass in entryways or stairwells, common bathrooms, offensive graffiti
  • Torn carpet that poses a safety concern
  • Multiple lights that are burnt out in work areas, hallways, stairwells or bathrooms
  • No heat or air conditioning
  • Furniture—dangerous condition, blocking stairways or exits, fire systems
  • Gas or burning odor
  • Elevator problems
  • Hazardous or toxic material accidents
  • Hazardous conditions that could lead to injury, i.e. ice on walkway
  • Ceiling or roof leak

Priority 2: Urgent

Response should be within three working days.

  • Partial plumbing problem—bathroom faucet not working, drains not working properly, loose toilets, water sprays
  • Missing lights in common areas and offices
  • Common areas and offices need cleaning
  • Partial electrical problem, i.e. circuit breaker for coffee maker
  • Malfunctioning door lock (door lock still lockable)

Priority 3: Routine

Response should be within five working days.

  • Single air conditioner or heater noisy or not working all
  • Single light burnt out
  • Window glass cracked
  • Keys and/or locks

Priority 4: Deferred

Response should be within 15 working days.

  • Drapery repairs/replacement
  • Painting of offices (if budgeted)
  • Carpet repair/replacement (if budgeted)
  • Carpentry work—hot files mounted, assemble bookcases, office signs (no renovations)

Priority 5: Projects

  • All project work such as capital projects or major renovations will be planned and scheduled by Planning and Development.