Prohibition of Marijuana at Bowie State

Marijuana use remains prohibited on campus despite recent Maryland State Law changes, as of July 1, 2023.  Federal law maintains its prohibition of marijuana and cannabis products on college and university campuses that receive federal funds.  Bowie State University strictly adheres to this federal mandate, upholding its policy that prohibits possession and use of cannabis within university premises and during university-sponsored events.>

Here's what you need to know: 

Cannabis Prohibition On-Campus and at Activities

  • Federal law designates cannabis as a controlled substance.
  • Bowie State University's Interim Policy on Student Alcohol and Substance Abuse (V-2.20) prohibits cannabis possession and use in any form on campus or during university-sponsored activities.
  • This prohibition extends to recreational and medical cannabis on and off campus.
  • Violations lead to disciplinary actions affecting academic and residential standing.

Enforcement and Accountability

  • BSU Police and Resident Assistants will enforce the policy.
  • Violators face disciplinary consequences.
  • The BSU Code of Student Conduct (pdf) and university policies forbid unauthorized substance use and possession, including drug paraphernalia, in residence halls.

Off-Campus Possession and Use

  • Maryland law permits limited cannabis possession and use for individuals over 21.
  • State law details specific circumstances for cannabis use.
  • Consult FAQs and Maryland Cannabis Administration for further information.

Support and Resources