Logo Usage

Because our logo represents us at the very highest level, it is vitally important. Together, the wordmark and the flame symbol act as an identifier and a stamp of quality. In order to maintain consistency and professionalism as we use our logo, a few simple guidelines should always be followed.

Unique logos are not allowed for any academic departments or offices, without exception. Use of unique typographic or pictorial logos undermines efforts to build a unified Bowie State University brand.

University Logo

Download the University Logo

All communications, both print and electronic, published by Bowie State University, must display our logo.

The Bulldog

Use of any stylized, animated, hand drawn or other versions of the bulldog is not permitted. This undermines the logo system and brand consistency. Please consult with University Relations & Marketing if you have any questions or need further help.

University Seal

The university seal is reserved for use by the Office of the President. Reproduction of the seal is restricted to scholarly, ceremonial or presidential purposes such as Commencement programs and university diplomas and certificates.