University Relations & Marketing

Improving Virtual Meetings

Improve the appearance of your virtual meeting with simple adjustments

  • Wear colors that contrast with your background.
  • Sit in front of an empty wall or an area with minimal detail.
  • Choose a well-lit area with light coming from the front or side. Avoid sitting with your back to a light source, including windows. 
  • Use a stationary chair or lock the wheels on a rolling chair to minimize movement. 
  • Elevate your computer so the camera is just above eye level. A stack of books can help raise your camera. 
  • Avoid areas with background noises such as a tv or running dishwasher. Rugs or carpeting can minimize echoing. 

Customize your virtual experience with backgrounds that represent BSU

Click the thumbnails below to enlarge, then right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) to download the backgrounds below.

step and repeat teams background bulldog teams background campus aerial teams background

campus aerial teams backgroundbulldog teams backgroundtorch teams background

BSU Bold BackgroundBSU Pattern Background






 black step and repeat background







If you're still having trouble, log a Help Desk ticket.