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Working with URM   

URM develops marketing, design, and communications strategies to engage internal and external audiences. We are committed to building brand awareness and recognition for the impact of the University's programs, events, and service offerings.

As your on-campus marketing partner, we are here to help you reach your target audience and achieve your goals to advance BSU’s strategic priorities. Working with URM is easy. Get started by submitting a marketing project request form.  

Marketing Project Request  

Our Services

  • A full marketing plan strategy, graphic design, and event marketing tactics to promote attendance and registration for events and campaign deployment across marketing channels

    • Digital Advertising 
    • Social Media 
    • Email  (Community Announcements) 
    • Print 
    • Web 
    • Video (must meet URM qualifications) 
    • Copywriting 
  • The creation of individual graphics, graphic products, signage, page layout or graphic elements

    • Creative Concept & Development 
    • Print-Digital Productions 
    • Digital Screen Management 
  • Scheduling video and photo shoots, and photo use requests

    • Marketing Photography Requests (must meet URM qualifications) 
    • Photo Library 
  • New web content, edits and updates

    • Event Calendar Management 
    • Website Updates 
    • Web Editor Training 
    • Online Directory Management 
  • Request for media coverage

    • Media Call Management 
    • Media Training 
    • Sharing News Updates