Department of Computer Science

Data Science Institute

The High-Performance Intelligent Data Science Institute (HIDI), funded by the National Science Foundation, works to create a more competitive pipeline of students pursuing a data science Ph.D. program. At Bowie State University, HIDI provides resources that support graduate and undergraduate researchers and introduces students to data science at various levels in their academic careers. HIDI helps students understand the value of incorporating data science into their declared majors and aims to increase the number of underrepresented students and women who pursue a Ph.D. in Data Science.  

The Versatility of Data Science   

Every modern industry handles large quantities of data in some configuration, and advancing your understanding of computer science can help you isolate weak points and missed opportunities of underutilized data. With a better understanding of data science, you can develop research models that attempt to improve or create new processes in your field.  

HIDI will develop certificate programs and badges that intertwine computer science courses into your program of interest to help you reimagine ways of replacing antiquated techniques with cloud computing systems. For example, the business department currently has undergraduate students working on a certificate in digital technology generalist and other students pursuing a concentration in data analytics. HIDI plans to incorporate those same options into more majors to familiarize students with the versatility of data science. 

Research Support    

The High-Performance Intelligent Data Science Institute will provide tools to assist you in your research. HIDI currently supports two doctoral students who have identified value in the excess data produced by our society and have designed research models that attempt to create further use for it.  Some of the doctoral students have enrolled in the doctoral program after completing their degree in Management Information Systems and specialized in data analytics.  

Current Research Projects

Doctoral Students

  • Classifying cardiac arrhythmias from electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) signal to determine different heart diseases. 
  • Exploring the effectiveness of machine learning for cyber threat intelligence extraction from darknet forum posts using high performance computing. 

Undergraduate Student

  • A comparative analysis of machine learning models in decoding respiratory mortality rates. 


The High-Performance Intelligent Data Science Institute (HIDI) aims to introduce data science to as many people as possible. HIDI helps students display their research findings at the local and international level, and through events like the International Graduate Student Conference, more people become aware of the potential of data science.   

HIDI interacts with students from the high school, community college, and university levels to introduce them to a future in data science. HIDI specifically targets underrepresented students and women and empowers them to pursue a Ph.D. program. The goal is to get them interested and keep them motivated with classes, internships, research opportunities, and the availability of the latest technology.    

Education & Training    

The Department of Computer Science recently acquired the Cray X40 (Sphinx), a supercomputer that processes large volumes of information, and a GPU accelerator that accommodates machine learning.   

The department engages students in an environment where they gain hands-on experience through the most up-to-date equipment required for solving real-world problems. These programs are available to all Bowie State students, not just computer science majors.   


Learn how The High-Performance Intelligent Data Science Institute can become part of your academic experience or how to incorporate data science into your area of study by contacting Dr. Hoda El-Sayed, Professor and Director of the High-Performance Intelligent Data Science Institute (HIDI).