Department of Computer Science

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Code & Creativity: BSU CS Showcase


Mini Computer Science Conference

BSU's Computer Science students, proudly showcase their dedication and achievements through a presentation coupled with live demonstration!





Professional Development Day With Google

Bowie State University proudly orchestrated a dynamic two-day professional development symposium in collaboration with Google. This transformative event was meticulously curated to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in both technical and non-technical career pathways.




NSF CyberCorps Bulldog Scholarship for Service

The NSF CyberCorps for Service Scholarship stands as a monumental opportunity for students at Bowie State University. This prestigious scholarship program not only opens doors but also paves the way for promising futures in the realm of cybersecurity.





Adobe Bowie State Cybersecurity Workforce Event

The event served as an enlightening platform, imparting invaluable insights to students on the intricacies of cybersecurity and navigating the pathways to enter this dynamic industry.





2023 Computer Science Freshman Bootcamp

The 2023 Freshman Bootcamp was meticulously designed to facilitate a seamless transition for incoming freshman computer science students, ensuring a smooth initiation into their collegiate journeys. Beyond this, the program played a crucial role in acquainting them with the myriad opportunities that Bowie State University offers to students pursuing computer science, setting the stage for a comprehensive and empowering academic experience.



Innovation and Creativity Competition

Bowie State University Staff orchestrated the Winter 2023 Competition, providing students with a diverse array of workshops carefully tailored to enhance their skills. This unique event empowered participants to choose workshops aligned with their interests, equipping them with newfound knowledge. Students then seized the opportunity to apply these acquired skills in a competition, where they showcased their innovative projects through engaging and insightful demonstrations.


Booz Allen Capstone Presentation

Bowie State University exemplified its commitment to student growth and career readiness by collaborating with Booz Allen on real-world projects. This partnership showcased the computer science department's dedication to providing students with hands-on experiences that transcend traditional academia, allowing them to cultivate practical skills and thrive in their professional journeys.



The Maryland Center at BSU

Students demoed and presentened their 2020 spring capstone projects.







Bowie State Presents the Computer Science Program

Learn more about the computer science department at Bowie State University, and all of it's evergrowing changes and advances!





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