Department of Fine and Performing Arts

About the Exhibition

The theme for the Fall 2021 Senior Thesis Virtual Exhibition is “Ecdysis” (ec·dy·sis), the act of molting or shedding an outer cuticular layer. Humans shed hairs and skin cells. Technically, that constitutes molting. Just as in arthropods, growth in humans is natural. Some medical professionals state this as human development and self-growth.

Our graduates are equipped with the completion of studies of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences and will receive a Bachelor of Arts—Fine Arts / Studio Art or Bachelor of Science—Visual Communication Digital Media Arts (VCDMA). These students have worked through one-and-a-half years of the Covid-19 pandemic; social distancing, virtual learning, vaccinations and more. Despite these polarizing times they have developed amazing bodies of work in studio arts, film, advertising design and digital media arts.

Family, guardians, friends, partners, fellow students, colleagues, and professionals, we at Bowie State University, College of Arts and Sciences, and in the Department of Fine and Performing, hope you all enjoy the Fall 2021 Senior Thesis Virtual Exhibition. It was a delight teaching and working with these students and we are extremely proud of them. We are celebrating the growth of our Fall 2021 graduates as they are prepared to step beyond this educational domain and take their flight into a new environment filled with new people, challenges, visions, and potentials for success.

Rodney C. Williams
Visiting Faculty