Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Fine Arts Major

With deep connections to the vibrant arts and culture hubs in the Washington/Baltimore area, Bowie State’s Fine and Performing Arts Center is the ideal environment to grow as an artist. Our talented faculty help students harness creativity, self-expression, culture and history to develop their own concepts from ideation to execution. More than just an undergraduate major, our fine arts program greatly enhances the community with diverse performances and exhibits, as well as a quality pool of arts experts ready to teach in local schools.

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in fine arts can narrow their focus of study with a concentration in Art (Studio), Music or Music Technology.

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Bowie State’s fine arts program transforms budding artists into talented professionals. With rigorous exposure to the interdisciplinary nature of the arts, our experienced faculty nurture students’ analytical skills, technology literacy and appreciation for diversity. You will:

  • Build a strong foundation in visual and performing arts, research, technology, performance and exhibition.
  • Gain the tangible skills needed to produce art, while building the critical thinking skills to become creative problem solvers.
  • Understand the connection between the fine and performing arts and other fields of learning.
  • Learn the histories, aesthetic standards and ethical values of art as an aspect of human culture.