Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Ajena’e Jordan

New Bouj

Thesis Statement

My theme for my collection is a streetwear brand that meets boujie . My collection would be called ¨New Bouj: Aspiring to be higher than one is.” The collection would focus on women for now. I want viewers to see that you don't have to dress up to be considered boujie . For example, I am a tomboy but I still somehow include something girly to finish my outfit. My senior collection will show a mixture of tomboy meets girly girl.

  • Growing up, I always was considered “boujie ”; but honestly what does that mean especially when it comes to fashion. Why do people automatically categorize “boujie” people with wearing high class luxury wear or sophisticated girly-girl clothing. Why can’t streetwear be considered “boujie ”? The goal for my senior thesis is streetwear meets boujie It is important for women who are like myself to have a fashion brand that they can relate to. A brand where tomboys and girly girls can co-exist. I want women to understand that they don't have to dress up to be considered “boujie”. You can dress down and still “Aspire to be higher than one is”. When viewing this collection, you will simply see mixed masculine & revealing clothing. I want people to understand from this collection that it’s okay to mix things up; you don’t have to wear masculine clothes to be considered a tomboy; nor do you have to wear pink & skirts to be considered a girly girl. People automatically categorize girly girls as “boujie ”. Well I am going to change the narrative. Welcome to the new bouj.