Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Tiffani Rice

Feel Free

Thesis Statement

The theme for my collection is to “feel free”. My senior collection was inspired by my own experiences in life. My collection display to women who are ashamed of their bodies. I have created clothing for women to feel free and to not have a care in the world. Women get bullied or body shamed because of how they look or shaped. Mostly black women. As a black woman myself, it was hard accepting my body the way it is. With me being skinny, I was always told that I need to gain weight and eat more often. I also feel as though plus size women are left out in a lot of things. So therefore, I wanted to include plus size women also. I want women, black women especially, to embrace the shape that God has given them.

  • I love classy and elegant fashion. It has always been my go-to since I was a little girl. In my fashion, I would like to capture the beauty of people inside and out. I will strive to show my clothing line to be free while feeling yourself and sexy all at the same time. My pieces are all about the season Spring. Spring is my favorite season, so I decided to do a spring collection theme. Although I love designing robes, my future inspirations have come from designer Brandon Warren. His designs are unique and elegant and like what I want to do soon. Overall, I want to create wedding gowns and have a men's wear collection.