Department of Fine and Performing Arts

LaShaya Johnson

Botanical & Co.

Thesis Statement

Botanical & co went through various changes before arriving to where it is now. My goal was to create a collection that represented femininity, authenticity and most of all the beauty of nature. The collection represents the earthy tones of nature, but also the pop of color you’ll find in spring as flowers begin to bloom. This collection represents home to me. I was able to find peace, happiness and love through nature and my collection represents that. Botanical & co represents me.

  • There’s so much inspiration within nature. Everything flows effortlessly and in unison. LaShaya finds peace at botanical gardens or caring for her massive plant collection. When it was time to put a theme for her senior collection, naturally nature was the way to go. LaShaya wanted to showcase the earthy tones of nature without leaving out pops of color. LaShaya's main goal was to create a collection that exhibited the beauty of nature and femininity. LaShaya has always been
    inspired by Azzedine Alaia, he’s known for his understanding of the female body. Alaia was able to create pieces that sculpted the body and refused to conform to society trends. LaShaya admired his technique and wanted to create just like him.