Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Terrence Waddy

One Ocean

Thesis Statement

The theme for my senior collection is a dialogue of self discovery through a rude awakening. It is an idea that I feel is central to many of us during the pandemic, and stems from my original thesis based around the film “Kill Bill”. In its essence, I want this collection to be an example of introspection that I have gone through as a result of this past year’s events. For me, it was mainly about finding peace with not being in control, refocusing on what I could and communicating that struggle for balance. Some pieces will be reminiscent of Y2K/early 2000s fashion trends which are beginning to resurface, while still catering to One Ocean’s emphasis on embracing individuality. Certain aspects of that era feel very current to me like the parallels of mass anxiety due to the threat of unknown forces on society. I feel a reference to Kill Bill within the collection is still necessary due to the locations, and focusing on overlapping themes of transformation rather than revenge I’d describe the collection as an inner perspective that has made its way into physical reality. I’ve taken inspiration from some of my favorite Japanese designers and leaned on my strengths in graphic design and merged them with the cut and sewn pieces that ultimately bring them new life

  • One Ocean is a brand by creative Terrence Waddy based in the Washington D.C. area. The name stems from two fronts: Terrence’s childhood nickname “Ocean” and the general consciousness of the brand where the “One” comes into play. The untimely birthplace of our creative director back in 1998 at Ocean City set the tone for the spontaneity that would follow him through life. One Ocean references our celebration of human nature and individualism, and the duality of how we all influence each other simultaneously. Despite our differences in culture and appearance, somewhere there is a throughline in music, film, style, morals, ideals, or attitudes where humans find commonplace. Our primary form of inspiration comes from our creative director’s second love after fashion: film. This is in line with my own outlook on life. Our purpose is to communicate and solicit emotion, while representing these cross influences in our work. We show this not only through all-inclusive design and visuals, but through processes that leave a positive impact on the audience and our earth. It is important to take cues from international cultures and media to drive contemporary trends that push our universalist ideas. One Ocean is the beginning without an end in sight.