VCDMA Concentrations

The Department of Fine and Prerforming Arts offers five Concentrations for Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts Majors. Through these programs, students gain expertise in specific areas of visual communications and digital media arts to become adequately prepared for life after graduation.


Review the program requirements for students pursuing a degree in Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts.

Advertising Design Concentration

The advertising design concentration prepares graduates to enter a career in visual communication with a focus on print-based web/mobile based advertising, graphics and media.

VCDMA - Advertising Design Concentration - 4 year plan (pdf)

Animation & Motion Graphics Concentration

Coursework teaches students practical skills in animation, television and video production, as well as film and screenwriting. Students also learn about the business of animation and motion graphics design.

VCDMA - Animation & Motion Graphics Concentration - 4 year plan (pdf)

Digital Cinema & Time-Based Media Concentration

Students will be introduced to cinema studies, storytelling, writing, producing, directing and editing/compositing for a variety of platforms with an emphasis on narrative filmmaking and production.

VCDMA - Digital Cinema & Time-Based Media Concentration - 4 year plan (pdf)

Digital Media Arts Concentration

This integrated and multidisciplinary  concentration prepares students for careers in visual arts and exhibition by combining digital arts, media and technology with traditional art making and research.

VCDMA - Digital Media Arts Concentration - 4 year plan (pdf)

Fashion Design Concentration

Students will focus primarily on design development and garment construction through the integration of computer-aided design and product management.

VCDMA - Fashion Design Concentration - 4 year plan (pdf)