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Advance Your Career With a Master of Arts in School Psychology

A school psychologist supports students at all levels, striving to reach their academic potential. The Master of Arts and Certificate of Advanced Study in School Psychology prepares you to become an integral part of the educational experience and positions you as someone sensitive to the needs of a diverse population of students. You will partner with school personnel, parents, and professionals at various levels in the pre-K through 12 school community to become a member of a multitiered systems support team often implemented in educational systems.

 The Master of Arts in School Psychology program is accredited by CAEP


Why a Master of Arts in School Psychology

Bowie State University will provide a foundational understanding of psychological research methods and school program evaluations while helping you develop an understanding of professional ethics and important legal issues. Graduates of the School Psychology program are eligible for certification as school psychologists at the state and national levels.

You will have the skills to Apply a diverse/culturally responsive framework to all forms of practice (i.e., consultation, counseling, assessment, intervention design and implementation, professional training, etc.). You will also be able to act as an examiner and evaluate the psychological, educational, adaptive, and social-emotional-behavioral functioning of students P-12.

To earn your Master of Arts and Certificate of Advanced Study in School Psychology, you must complete 60 semester credit hours as outlined below. 

Year One


  • SPSY 501 Introduction to School Psychology
  • EDUC 507 Advanced Human Growth and Development 
  • SPSY 507 School Assessment I
  • SPSY 509 Research Methods and Statistics


  • SPSY 510 Psychology of Exceptional Children
  • SPSY 610 School Assessment II
  • SPSY 505 Counseling Children in a School Setting
  • SPSY 503 School Based Consultation


  • SPSY 601 Human Learning

Year Two 


  • SPSY 702 Seminar in Ethics and Professional Issues in School Psychology
  • SPSY 504 Psychopathology of Childhood 
  • SPSY 607 Practicum I
  • ESAS 713 Curriculum Change and Instructional Methods or SPED520 Instructional Methods and Curriculum Planning


  • SPSY 703 Cultural Proficiency in School Psychology
  • SPSY 701 Psychological and Educational Interventions 
  • PSYC 739 Dynamics of Group Behavior
  • SPSY 608 Practicum II


  • Elective 

You must complete the School of Psychology Praxis Exam before starting your internship.  

Year Three 


  • SPSY 805 Internship I


  • SPSY 807 Internship II




Build Your Career Skills on Campus

When you choose Bowie State University, you receive intensive academic exposure and gain on-campus resources that help you develop career skills while you work towards your degree.

This esteemed program has provided me with invaluable opportunities to deepen my understanding of the field of school psychology, engage in rigorous research endeavors, and explore diverse locales including San Diego, Italy, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

- DaJonaire Washington


Career Outlook

Students who complete their Master of Arts in School Psychology are qualified to enter careers as school psychologists, educational researcher, curriculum designer, educational consultant, or educational Diagnosticians. Once you complete the program, you can enter a similar field or establish your own path.

Graduate Fellowships

Make your graduate experience affordable by applying for a fellowship. Fellowships typically provide a cost-of-living stipend, health insurance and coverage for the cost of professional development opportunities, like academic conferences. Check out all fellowships offered at Bowie State University or contact your program coordinator for ones specific to your degree.


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