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Advance Your Career With a Master of Education in School Counseling

When you complete your Master of Education in School Counseling, you will learn to apply interpersonal skills to help students manage emotional expectations as they navigate obstacles while moving through elementary, middle, and high school challenges. You will develop the tools necessary to support students as they plan for post-secondary education, lifelong career options, military service, or alternative professional training. In addition to providing directional guidance, you will identify their needs and act as an agent of change to improve equity and access to opportunity.

 The School Counseling program is accredited by CACREP


Why a Master of Education in School Counseling

Bowie State University prepares you to become an influential factor in driving student success through various channels and academic procedures. You will learn to incorporate a multicultural and global perspective to understand individuals at a cultural, economic, social and psychological level.

You will learn to uphold the ethical and legal standards of the counseling profession by respecting the diversity of all people. You will develop the skills necessary to become a highly effective and ethical counseling professional who positively impacts students, clients, and the counseling profession.

To earn your Master of Education in School Counseling, you must complete the following program requirements. They are arranged in six levels, and you must complete each requirement to be eligible for graduation.  

Year One 

Level One 

  • COUN 502 Principles and Philosophy of Counseling
  • COUN 633 Multicultural Counseling
  • EDUC 507 Advanced Human Growth and Development

Level Two

  • COUN 608 Career Counseling and Development 
  • COUN 734 Counseling Theory and Practice
  • COUN 780 Legal and Ethical Issues in Therapy

Year Two  

Level Three 

  • COUN 610 Appraisal, Assessment and Evaluation
  • COUN 706 Introduction to Research for Counselors
  • COUN 731 Group Counseling

 Level Four 

  • COUN 603 Mental Hygiene for Children and Youth
  • COUN 702 Introduction to School Counseling
  • COUN 840 Counseling Children and Adolescents
  • SPED 511 Special Education Perspectives

COUN 799 CPCE: After completing levels one, two, and three, you will be eligible for COUN 799 CPCE, which is a comprehensive exam. You must pass this exam before registering for any level six courses.  

Year Three 

Level Five 

  • COUN 732 Family Counseling
  • COUN 762 Drug & Alcohol Counseling
  • MHCO 744 Psychodynamics of Psychopathology
  • MHCO 833 Advanced Techniques in Psychotherapy

Level Six (Must complete COUN 799 CPCE) 

  • COUN 836 Practicum in School Counseling (100hrs)
  • COUN 837 Internship in School Counseling (600hrs)
COUN 861 Seminar in School Counseling 


Build Your Career Skills on Campus

The African Psychology Student Association, the BSU School Counseling Association, Chi Sigma Iota and the Student Adlerian Society are on-campus student organizations available to assist all graduate students in their professional and educational development.

These organizations will help you improve your counseling skills, foster career readiness, and expose you to educational and networking workshop opportunities.

When you choose Bowie State University, you receive intensive academic exposure and gain on-campus resources that help you develop career skills while you work towards your degree.

I have truly gained a wealth of knowledge and skills from BSU's School Counseling Program that will help me to be the best counselor that I can be!

- Jordan Sharpe


Career Outlooks

When you complete your Master of Education in School Counseling, you can begin your career as a school counselor and work specifically with students grades K-12.

Graduate Fellowships

Make your graduate experience affordable by applying for a fellowship. Fellowships typically provide a cost-of-living stipend, health insurance and coverage for the cost of professional development opportunities, like academic conferences. Check out all fellowships offered at Bowie State University or contact your program coordinator for ones specific to your degree.


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    Meet Faculty and Staff

    Get to know the expert faculty and staff who will be instructing you throughout your time at Bowie State. Build connections, ask for mentorship and receive guidance as you prepare to embark on your career.