Teaching, Learning & Professional Development

Early Childhood Education Major

The early years of a child’s life are the foundation of their future growth and development. It’s also a time that requires a nurturer who can create an engaging and positive learning environment. Bowie State offers an accredited early childhood education program that will give you the tools to help young children and those with special needs get the instruction they need to learn, grow and thrive as they move into elementary school.

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Our curriculum guides you through the process of teaching children how to think critically about new information. You will also:

  • Understand the methodology and diagnostic skills imperative to meeting the diverse educational needs of primary-aged students.
  • Help students become active learners by building on their strengths, background knowledge and experiences.
  • Gain the expertise needed to meet the intellectual, emotional and social needs of young children.
  • Get hands-on training during a yearlong internship in both early childhood and special education classrooms.

Not only does Bowie State faculty offer decades of real-world experience and solid instruction in theory, they provide a listening ear as well. Our professors are committed to helping students succeed in their careers – and in life.