Secondary Education Track


Dr. Constance Brooks, Department Chair
James E. Proctor Jr. Building, Room 291

Secondary Teacher Education may be selected as a track for students enrolled in departments with state-approved programs and with courses in the methods of teaching the major subject. Areas of concentration include English, History, Mathematics and Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).

Secondary Education Track

The Secondary Education Track is designed to buttress the theoretical knowledge base with sound educational classroom practices. The Secondary Education student has practicum experiences in EDUC 101, Introduction to Education, EDUC 201, Human Growth and Development, SCED 304, Methods of Teaching, and Student Teaching. The methods courses are coordinated conceptually through the inclusion of a common core of teaching strategies and issues. All students pursuing a degree in Secondary Education must complete 51 semester hours of coursework in education.

Secondary Track Core Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog

Secondary Education Offerings by Department