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Sport Management Major

The multi-billion dollar sports market is a fast-growing industry that offers a wide range of career options. With a bachelor’s degree in sport management, you’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this diverse and profitable field through educational experiences which include in-class and field experiences. Course offerings include marketing, facility management, legal aspects of sports, and much more. Bowie State’s sport management program offers several paths to success.

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Our flexible program adapts to your individual interests as well as changes in the job market. Our faculty will guide you through the core principles of sport management, then help you build on that knowledge with a personalized plan to meets your specific academic goals. You will: 

  • Delve into the business and financial aspects of the sports field. 
  • Understand the management of sport organizations such as structure, design, planning, effectiveness, as well as management of facilities and more 
  • Examine the key role of sales, marketing, social media, brand management, and community relations in amateur and professional sports. 
  • Explore the impact in areas such as governance, ethics, and legal issues in the sport management field 
  • Analyze diversity, psychological, sociological aspects of sport, athletics, and recreation 


Student Snapshot: James Thompson

BSU Program: Sports Management Major, concentration in Broadcast Journalism. Class of 2025

Favorite Part of the Program: My favorite part of the Sports Management program is the programs that are held for students. The programs are informative. Giving insight into the sports career world. Along with receiving information there is always an opportunity to network.

What Attracted you to Bowie State University: What brought me to BSU was the close proximity to home, I still have opportunities to travel home and see family while not having to miss classes. BSU beautiful campus and the emphasis of the community being a family is also what brought me to the university.

One Thing you Learned at BSU That has Impacted Your Life or Career: What I’ve learned at BSU that has impacted me was that also interact when at programs and events. You may never know who you are speaking to if you never do. I also learned to make connections even if it is unrelated to your program or major. Opportunities exist in all types of places.

Advice for Prospective Students: My advice to student would be to take your education seriously. Pay attention and attend class. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and meet with professors for extra help if needed. Also be active on campus, don’t just attend classes and go home. Enjoy the college life.

Alumni Spotlight: Raven Bell

BSU Program: Bachelor’s of Sport Management

Current Job:  Basketball Operations Assistant – Scouting & Strategy, San Antonio Spurs 

Favorite Part of the Program: BSU allowed me the freedom to explore possible career paths I had interests in freely. My professors encouraged my participation in all of my internships and programs outside of the university and was willing to advise whenever they were needed.

One Thing you Learned at BSU That Impacted Your Life or Career: Committing myself to being a selfless, servant leader as a black woman, has more of an impact on others than you will think. Being able to do so through my career, dealing with athletes from the same upbringing as me, gives me fulfillment that lives on past the court.

Advice for Prospective Students: Push yourself. Don’t be ok with being good enough because out in the world good enough is not enough. Put yourself out there. Do more than is asked of you, then do it again. People appreciate, will work with, and respect, initiative, effort, and structured imagination. Working on the team side of professional sports is long hours. Draft night I clocked a 24-hour shift. I would do it again because this is a passion of mine. Find a career path in sport where you always want to give 100%.