Criminal Justice Major

Career Paths

A degree in criminal justice is a gateway to careers in both the private and public sector. Graduates go on to fulfilling positions and accomplishments in law enforcement, adult and juvenile justice, correctional institutions, counseling centers, street outreach, corporate security and intelligence, social advocacy, adoption agencies and all levels of government. Many pursue advanced study in specializations like law, public administration or psychology. All benefit from the diverse opportunities that exist — or can be created — inside the field.

  • Anti-money laundering operations analyst
  • ATF agent
  • Attorney
  • Background screening analyst
  • Border patrol agent
  • Crime analyst
  • Detective
  • Digital forensics examiner
  • FBI agent
  • Federal air marshal
  • Jail inspector
  • Military law enforcement
  • Police officer
  • Probation officer
  • Public defender
  • Research and policy analyst
  • Secret service agent