IT Training

Below is a list of IT Training resources:



Updated: 03/25/21


Adobe Acrobat
Updated: 03/25/21


Adobe Creative Cloud
Updated: 03/25/21


Apporto (Virtual Labs)
Updated: 02/15/22


Apporto virtual labs provide an innovative classroom experience for faculty to see their students' screens at once and communicate with students actively using their desktop browser. When logging in, please reference your BSU username and password credentials.

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Log in to one of the Apporto virtual labs


Training videos according to user roles are available below. Videos are hosted in Microsoft Stream and BSU login is required.

Managing the labs as an IT Admin


If you experience any issues or have any questions about creating a new classroom, create an IT Service Desk ticket.


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
Updated: 09/08/21


Blackboard Learn
Updated: 03/25/21


Classroom Technology
Updated: 09/08/23

Requests for training using classroom technology can be made by contacting Media Operations at 301-860-3900.

To schedule 1-on-1 Hyflex User Training click here.

For using a webcam, go to:


Updated: 03/25/21

Email Page


iCAN (Starfish)
Updated: 03/25/21


ImageNow (Perceptive Content)
Updated: 03/25/21


IT Security
Updated: 03/25/212


Microsoft Office 365
Updated: 03/25/21


Microsoft OneDrive
Updated: 02/14/22


Microsoft Teams
Updated: 03/25/21

Microsoft Teams - Ask a Trainer Sessions

  • Microsoft Teams Training Session - May 18, 2020
  • Microsoft Teams Training Session - June 29, 2020
    Explore the features using your BSU individual cloud storage within OneDrive. Learn how to: Save and synchronize your data (Pictures and documents), Share files and links with colleagues using applied security settings, and Discover material made available to the entire BSU campus (Documents colleagues have deemed helpful to share with the entire campus).
  • Microsoft Teams Training Session - September 25, 2020
    Learn how to: View recorded meetings, Manage permissions to recordings using applied security settings, and Discover best practices while participating in meetings.

     *To request a Microsoft Team and/or Group, please submit a Help Desk Ticket via the BSU Support Portal. Simply state the purpose of the Team and/or Group and a staff member will be in contact with you.


Updated: 08/06/21

Percipio Page

Skype for Business
Updated: 03/25/21

Skype for Business Online will be retired by Microsoft on July 31, 2021.  Skype for Business functionality has been incorporated into Microsoft Teams and users are encouraged to start using Microsoft Teams as soon as possible.

Microsoft Article: Skype for Business Online to Be Retired in 2021


Updated: 09/08/21