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Below is a complete list of IT services and software currently in use at Bowie State University.




















Adobe Acrobat Pro

Updated: 05/17/21

About Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is used for creating, viewin g, editing , and signing PDF documents. Available to Students, Faculty, and Staff, the software can import popular document and image formats and save them as PDF.

Get Started with Adobe Acrobat Pro

To gain access to Adobe Acrobat Pro , Students, Faculty, and Staff may submit a request to the IT Help Desk .

Resources for Adobe Acrobat Pro


Adobe Creative Cloud

Updated: 05/17/21

About Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX and more. Adobe Creative Cloud grants access for Students, Faculty, and Staff to all BSU- licensed Adobe apps : Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, Fresco, After Effects, Bridge, Lightroom Classic, Dimension, Dreamweaver, Animate, Character Animate, Audition, Media Encoder, InCopy, Prelude, Fuse, Photoshop, Camera Raw.

Get Started with Adobe Creative Cloud

T o gain access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Students, Faculty, and Staff may submit a request to the IT Help Desk .

Resources for Adobe Creative Cloud


Appointment Scheduling

Updated: 05/19/21


Audio/Video (A/V) Equipment

Updated: 06/03/21

About Audio/Video Equipment

Audio and video (A/V) equipment, including PA (public address) systems, projectors, screens, and speakers are available to faculty and staff for meetings, special events, etc.

Get Started with Audio/Video Equipment

Requests by faculty and staff for AV equipment can be made 24 or more hours prior to an event by contacting Media Operations at 301-860-3900.


BEES (Emergency Alerts)

Updated: 05/14/21

About BEES

The Bowie State University Electronic Emergency System (BEES) is used to provide emergency alerts to students, faculty, and staff in times of inclement weather and other incidents impacti ng safety on or around campus . The system , currently administered through the external company Omnilert , allows BSU to send instant alerts via email and text message to keep our community informed.

Get Started with BEES

All Students, Faculty, and Staff are encouraged to register for BEES.

Sign-up for BEES

BEES Login ( for r egistered u sers)


Bulldog Apps

Updated: 02/24/21

Login to Bulldog Apps


Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC)

Go to IT Projects & Acquisitions


Cellular Phones & Devices

Updated: 07/23/21

About Cell Phones

University-issued cellular phones and hot-spot devices may be requested for faculty and staff by department heads.

Get Started with Cell Phones

Cell phones for University business are requested for staff and faculty by the department chairperson by submitting a Cellphone Request Form to the Office of Telecommunications . It is important to indicate if the user will be on travel frequently and out-of-state to determine the plan best needed and to keep cell phone charges down.


Classroom Technology

Updated: 06/03/21

About Classroom Technology

Enhanced Classrooms are traditional lecture-style teaching spaces with technological equipment that can be used to aid the instruction of a course.  These classrooms feature a smart podium with a touch panel control system, PC and laptop connection, projector, and screen. Classroom technology upgrades also include renovations needed to develop active learning environments.

Get Started with Classroom Technology

Requests for training using classroom technology can be made by contacting Media Operations at 301-860-3900.

Support for Classroom Technology

  Classroom Technology Support Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM -5:00 PM

Support for classroom technology can be obtained during specified service hours by contacting Media Operations at 301-860-3900.

Cloud Storage

Updated: 05/07/21
  • Microsoft OneDrive for individual use.
  • Microsoft Teams for group or departmental use.


Computer Equipment & Devices

Updated: 02/11/2022


Computer Labs

Updated: 02/08/21

The Help Desk manages four open labs located on the basement level of the Thurgood Marshall Library building.

Visit: Computer Labs info



Updated: 05/19/21

There are several personal discounts available to students, faculty, and staff from companies with whom BSU conducts business.

Computer Hardware and Device Discounts

Service Discounts

Software Discounts

Software is available at a discount to Students, Faculty, and Staff for personal use through relationships with the following companies :


Document Imaging

ImageNow (Perceptive Content)



Updated: 02/05/2021

About Email

Email is provided to Students, Faculty, and Staff through Microsoft Office 365.

Get Started with Email

Visit: Email Page


Emergency Alerts

Go to BEES (Emergency Alert)


Find-Me Printing

Updated: 03/10/23

The Poster Printing Service is unavailable until further notice.


Help Desk

Updated: 02/25/21

See IT Help Desk Page


ImageNow (Perceptive Content)

Updated: 02/02/22

About ImageNow

ImageNow (Perceptive Content) is a docume nt management and workflow system . It is currently utilized by the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid in collaboration with various academic departments .

Get Started with ImageNow

Resources for ImageNow

Training videos according to user roles are available below. Videos are hosted in Microsoft Stream and BSU login is required.

Support for ImageNow

If you experience any issues or have any questions about future enhancements, create an IT Help Desk ticket .


IT Projects & Acquisitions

Updated: 03/14/22

About IT Projects & Acquisitions

As of April 19, 2021, the CPIC process for IT project requests has been replaced by a new simplified request process. Requests for new or upgraded IT p roducts and services will now be evaluated and prioritized by a technology steering committee.

Technology Steering Committees

Bowie State University has established a governance structure to promote and support defining and bench-marking the university’s core work, developing strategic goals and objectives, and formulating academic and administrative policies and procedures to ensure alignment with the university’s mission. As a result, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) has established two committees:

  • Academic Technology Steering Committee (ATSC)
  • Enterprise Technology Steering Committee (ETSC)

Both committees are comprised of representatives from divisions across the University community who share a vested interest in the university’s continued success. As an advisory group to the Vice President/CIO of Information Technology, the purpose and responsibility of the committees will be to review the recommendations of various constituencies and affinity groups for the purpose of providing feedback on new initiatives, policies and procedures related to technology.

High-Level Project Lifecycle
  1. Inception/Intake
    1. Simple Project Request Form completed by Project Sponsor
    2. DoIT Project Coordinator contacts Sponsor, completes project profile, and establishes vendor relationship (24-48 hours)
    3. DoIT Project Coordinator moves project to appropriate Technology Steering Committee
  2. Review/Approval
    1. Project Sponsor “pitches” project to Technology Steering Committee (10-15 minutes)
    2. Technology Steering Committee addresses four focus areas and assigns pass/fail disposition via vote (5 minutes)
      1. Do I need this?
      2. Do we need this?
      3. Is there something that already does this?
      4. Is the project strategically aligned? (Student Success, Academic Excellence, Long-Term Viability of the Institution)
    3. If Project passes Technology Steering Committee, project moves to Sub-Committee Review phase (1-2 months based on size)
      1. Technical/Architectural Review (DoIT)
      2. Proof of Concept
      3. Budget Review (Budget/Title III)
      4. Procurement Review (Procurement)
      5. Legal Review (General Counsel)
      6. Security Review (IT Security)
      7. Accessibility Review (DSS)
      8. Functional Review (End Users)
    4. If project receives an average review score of 2.5 or better, project moves to Implementation phase
  3. Delivery (3-4 months based on size)
    1. Product/Service Acquisition
    2. Communication Plan
    3. Support Plan
    4. Training Plan
    5. Deployment Plan
    6. Deployment

Get Started with IT Projects & Acquisitions

To submit a request for a new or upgraded IT product or service , please complete this IT Project Request Form ( You will be initially contacted for details and kept abreast as the request goes through the process.


IT Security & Compliance

Updated: 03/22/21
Visit IT Security and Compliance page.


IT Security Awareness Training

Updated: 03/18/21

About IT Security Awareness Training

All Faculty and Staff are required by t he State of Maryland Department of Information Technology ( DoIT ) and University System of Maryland (USM) to complete IT Security Awareness Training . The goal is to educate technology users in safely accessing websites, applications, and handling data.

Get Started with IT Security Awareness Training

BSU employs a third-party service, KnowBe4 , to conduct IT Security Awareness Training . The training is broken out into modules consisting of short videos and review questions.

All Faculty and Staff will receive an email from KnowBe4 directing them to access the training website through the BSU website. (For security purposes, the email message will NOT include a link.) Emails will continue to be sent until training has been completed.

Login credentials are your BSU email and password.

IT Security Awareness Training Login (

Also visit the IT Security and Compliance page .


Loaner Equipment & Devices for Faculty and Staff

Updated: 03/18/21

Loaner Laptops for Faculty and Staff

Loaner laptop may be requested by Faculty and Staff by first obtaining approval from their divisional Vice-President and forwarding that email to the IT Help Desk ( ).

Loaner Web Cams for Faculty and Staff

Loaner Web Cameras can be requested by Faculty and Staff through the IT Help Desk’s Technical Support Portal .


Headsets can be requested by Faculty and Staff through the IT Help Desk’s Technical Support Portal .  Headsets do not have to be returned.


Loaner Equipment & Devices for Students

Updated: 03/18/21

Loaner Laptops for Students

See Bulldog Laptop Loaner Program


Headsets can be requested by Students by emailing the IT Help Desk ( ). Headsets do not have to be returned.


Long Distance Calling

Updated: 04/08/21

About Long Distance Calling

In order to make long distance calls from a desk phone, a University-issued Long Distance C ode is required. Charges for long distance calls are billed to respective departments.

Get Started with Long Distance Calling

To obtain a Long Distance Code, have your department head submit a request to Kimberly Ann Turner ( with budget code that calls will be charged to. When the code is ready, you will be notified to pick up the code in the Office of Telecommunications, Robinson Hall, Rm. 119 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. Please bring your Bowie Card or photo ID.

Long Distance Billing

The Office of Telecommunications distributes a monthly bill to all departments. Each employee should review the phone calls made on their extension and all personal long distance calls should be paid for at Students Accounts in the Henry Administration Building . Please give your departmental account code.  The receipt or copy should be attached to the department’s bill to be submitted to the Office of Telecommunications .


Media Operations Viewing Room

Updated: 06/03/2021

About the Media Operations Viewing Room

The Media Operations Viewing Room has a seating capacity of fifteen (15), is equipped with a 32-inch television, a DVD player, a VHS videocassette recorder, and a computer. The room is available for video screening small class seminars and presentations. Additionally, the Media Center provides transparency pro duction, audio duplication for foreign l anguage courses, and lamination services.

Requests for services must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Please call Media Operations at 301-860-3900 or visit the Media Center on the lower level of the Thurgood Marshall Library, Suite 080.


Microsoft Bookings

Updated: 03/24/2021

About Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings (part of Microsoft Office 365) can be used by Staff to schedule appointments.

Faculty can use iCAN (Starfish) for booking appointments with students.

Get Started with Microsoft Bookings

To get set-up to use Microsoft Bookings, submit a request through the IT Help Desk’s Technical Support Portal .

Support for Microsoft Bookings

To obtain assistance with Microsoft Bookings, submit a request through the IT Help Desk’s Technical Support Portal .


Microsoft Office 365

Updated: 02/05/2021

About Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 includes cloud versions of applications such as Excel , Outlook , PowerPoint , and Word , along with newer cloud services like Forms , OneDrive , SharePoint , Stream , Tasks , and Teams .

Get Started with Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is available for Students, Faculty, and Staff using their BSU-issued email address and password.

Resources for Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft OneDrive

Updated: 05/07/21

About Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is cloud file storage made available to students, faculty, and staff through Microsoft Office 365 .

Get Started with OneDrive

Students, faculty, and staff have access to Microsoft OneDrive and can log in using their BSU-issued email address and password.


Office Desk Phones

Updated: 03/01/ 2021

About Office Desk Phones

Desk phones are issued for faculty and staff as requested by respective departments. New Cisco IP Phones were installed in February 2021.

Get Started with Office Desk Phones

Read the Cisco IP Phones Quick Start Guid e PDF (February 2021) .

Conference Calling Instructions

  • Single Line Phone
    While a call is in progress, press FLASH KEY (you will hear stuttered dial tone), dial second extension or 9 then telephone number. After the second party answers, press FLASH KEY to join all parties. NOTE: If you press the FLASH key again, you will drop the last party called.
  • Multi-Line Set
    While a call is in progress, press TRANSFER key (you will hear beeping tone), dial second extension or 9 then telephone number. After second party answers, press CONF key to join all parties.

Support for Desk Phones

Desk Phone Moves, Adds, and Changes

Please request all moves, ad ds, and changes through the IT Service Desk using the Telephone Service Request Form (PDF) .  Please remember that all moves shou ld be scheduled with the Office of Telecommunications to assure scheduling as early as possible. Note: Moves that require new lines may require cabling and a cost associated which must be done with a purchase order before work can start.

Call Forwarding

To forward your calls, please send a request to the IT Service Desk using the Technical Support Portal .

Related Information


Password Management

Updated: 02/25/ 2021

About Pass word Reset

Faculty, Staff and Students may use the BSU Password Management P ortal to update their password for the BSU network . Through single sign-on (SSO), resetting passwords will also update login credentials for BSU E mail (Office 365), PeopleSoft , Blackboard , office computer, Wi-Fi, and other specified services .

Get Started with Password Management



Updated: 08/04/2023

About PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is BSU’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application for Human Resources, Student Services, and Financials.

Get Started with PeopleSoft

Staff can complete the PeopleSoft Data Security Form for approval/revocation of access to Pe opleSoft . Depending on the type of access needed, the form requires approval from the individual’s supervisor and the Data Steward of the module where access is being requested.

Support for PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is supported by various units in the Division of Information Technology . The Enterprise Functional Support team serves as the liaison between the PeopleSoft functional users and the technical teams to lend assistance with :

  • Developing ad hoc queries in PeopleSoft requested by users to meet reporting needs.
  • Maintaining PeopleSoft security.
  • Maintaining setup tables for PeopleSoft modules.
  • Providing assistance with using new PeopleSoft functionality.
  • Assisting functional staff with PeopleSoft issues.

Requests for new functionality within PeopleSoft can be made through the IT Project Request process.

To request new queries or any modifications to existing queries. please fill out the PeopleSoft Query Request Form.

PeopleSoft Security sends a report of the existing user roles to PeopleSoft functionality, by initiating the Access Review Sign-Off process.

To request all other assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk through the Technical Support Portal .


Poster Printing

Updated: 04/19/2022

The Poster Printing Service is unavailable until further notice.



Updated: 02/23/2021


Project Requests

Updated: 02/05/2021

Go to IT Projects.



Updated: 05/24/2021



Updated: 02/23/2021



Updated: 03/23/2021

Go to Xfinity on Campus .


Virtual Classes, Events, Meetings & Webinars

Updated: 05/12/2021

There are three platforms available for virtual collaboration and events Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Online course instruction is conducted through Blackboard Learn with integration options allowing the use of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. BSU’s preferred application for conducting meetings is Microsoft Teams.

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for virtual course instruction
  • Microsoft Teams for online meetings, events, and webinars
  • Zoom for online meetings

For assistance with conducting virtual events and large meetings, please consult with Conference & Event Services .


Updated: 03/01/2021

Visit the Voicemail page.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Updated: 02/23/2021

About VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking and is required to log into the BSU network from off-campus and remotely access desktops, shared drive, and secure applications.

Get Started with VPN

Complete Virtual Private Network (VPN) Request Form (pdf) and submit to the IT Help Desk .


Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet)

Updated: 02/05/2021


Xfinity on Campus (TV)

Updated: 03/23/2021

About Xfinity on Campus

Xfinity On Campus is a streaming TV service available to all students registered as living on c ampus , providing 100+ live streaming channels, Xfinity On Demand, and premium channels anywhere on campus.

Get Started with Xfinity on Campus

Go to Xfinity On Campus to log in using your BSU network credentials.

For full access to Xfinity On Campus , students must be connected to the campus network to use. S ome free TV content is available off-campus as long as the student is registered as an on-campus resident.

Third-party hotspots will only allow access for TV Go and TV Everywhere. VPN Is not permitted.

Resources for Xfinity on Campus

Xfinity on Campus Official Website



Updated: 03/23/2021

About Zoom

Zoom is a widely-popular video conferencing platform. Faculty and Staff are provided with Zoom enterprise education licenses that include content sharing, digital white boarding, and session recording and transcription. Students may participate in Zoom meetings.

Note: Microsoft Teams is BSU’s preferred video conferencing platform.

BSU has Zoom for E ducation. A complete list of features can be found at (Education column).  

Note: BSU is not licensed for Zoom Webinar.

Get Started with Zoom

Zoom can be accessed directly or through an integration with Blackboard Learn for use by Faculty with course instruction. (See Blackboard Learn Zoom Integration below.)

Direct Zoom Access:

Using a web browser, go to and sign-in with you BSU username and password (same as email/PeopleSoft).

Once an account has been activated, the Zoom desktop client application may also be used. When logging-in using the client, make sure to use the “Sign in with SSO” button located in the right hand side of the  login window.

Zoom Client Installation:

The Zoom client can be downloaded from .

For BSU computers, please open a ticket with the IT Help Desk . Once a ticket is created, a technician will coordinate a day/time for remote installation.

Blackboard Learn Zoom Integration:

For instructions in using Zoom with Blackboard Learn , in the Bb Learn main menu go to Courses and see the section labeled “Zoom Meetings”. For more information, please contact Academic Computing and Online Course Support

Outlook Zoom Integration:

The Zoom for Outlook  add-in is designed to manage scheduling within the Outlook web and desktop apps. The add-in allows you to easily add a Zoom meeting to any new or existing calendar event.

Note: Be sure to use the Zoom for Outlook “Add-in” and not the “Plug-in”.

Zoom for Outlook (Desktop App) Instructions for installation, scheduling meetings, and viewing and editing meetings.

Zoom for Outlook (Web App) Instructions for installation, scheduling meetings, and viewing and editing meetings. Support for Zoom

Vendor-provided support is available at Zoom Help Center .

For assistance specific for BSU, you may contact the IT Help Desk .