Academic Computing & Online Course Support

The Academic Computing and Online Course Support department helps BSU faculty and students in supporting instruction and learning through various delivery methods. Utilizing the rich tradition and quality instructional portfolio developed by Bowie State University faculty, we aim to support development and growth of a plethora of instructional media and information delivery to our students.

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At our institution, we strive to provide comprehensive support to faculty and students in their educational journey. We offer assistance through various instructional approaches and services. Here's how we can support you:
  1. Traditional Instruction: We offer face-to-face or web-enhanced courses where the majority of teaching takes place through scheduled meetings. Our web component allows for basic online presence, and we provide tools within our learning management system to enhance learning activities.

  2. Electronically Delivered Courses: These courses are intentionally designed to be delivered entirely online. We ensure that online activities are engaging and provide an equivalent or even better learning experience compared to traditional courses.

  3. Online Blended or Hybrid Courses: Our online blended or hybrid courses combine online instruction with scheduled meetings. At least 50% of the instruction and learning activities are conducted online, reducing the "sit time" for students by at least 50% compared to traditional instruction counterparts.

Academic Computing is dedicated to offering the following key services to faculty, students, and staff throughout the year:
  1. Training on Online Learning and Instructional Technology: We provide training sessions during Faculty Institutes and scheduled two-hour workshops for each academic period. Please refer to the Training Schedule for faculty and students for more details.

  2. Instructional Design Support: Faculty or departments can request assistance in course development and revision through the "Intent to Teach Online or Hybrid Course" form. Our team is ready to support you in creating effective and engaging courses.

  3. Walk-in and Remote Assistance: We offer on-demand support to faculty in all aspects of their online and hybrid courses. Whether you need help with technology or pedagogical strategies, we are here to assist you.

  4. Administration of Major Systems: We manage and support important systems dedicated to teaching and learning. This includes the course management system, student success monitoring system, online tutoring, and mobile learning platforms.

  5. Help Desk Support: Our help desk is available to address any queries or issues related to the systems mentioned above. We have a centralized helpdesk system administered by the Division of Information Technology to ensure timely assistance for students, faculty, and staff.

We are committed to providing a seamless learning experience and empowering both faculty and students in their educational endeavors. Please feel free to reach out to us for any assistance you may need.