COVID-19 Update

Non-essential employees are mostly teleworking, and classes have shifted to a hybrid model, with in-person and online instruction.

Academic Transformation


Academic transformation enables a new paradigm for teaching and learning. Innovation through the use of technology enables student outcomes to be achieved through active learning regardless of the mode of delivery. To address these challenges, USM, and other institutions nationwide, have adopted techniques to redesign courses based on principles established and validated by the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT –

More than 200 courses nationwide have been redesigned under the NCAT approach. Studies indicate:

  • Improved learning in most courses.  In those courses where improved learning could not be demonstrated, students achieved at least at the level of traditional instructions
  • A high percentage of courses resulted in a decrease in drop-failure-withdrawal rates
  • All redesigned courses showed a significant drop in overall cost of instruction
  • A significant improvement in student attitudes toward the subject matter
  • An increase in student satisfaction with the mode of instruction. 

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