Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning


The purpose of CETL is to support the professional development of the teaching community at Bowie State University. In addition to two annual institutes, the Center provides workshops and seminars that focus on theories of education, application of successful teaching techniques used at BSU and other universities, basic teaching strategies, distance education, and the use of new technologies.

Call for Proposals for Fall 2023 Faculty Institute

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is seeking proposals from faculty presenters for the August 23 and 24, 2023 Faculty Institute. Please consider sharing your ideas, best practices, innovations, research, and learning.

All proposals will be considered and CETL welcomes general topics of interest relative to your own teaching, research, and service that you would like to share with others. Based on faculty feedback, we invite presentations, workshops, discussions, and book talks on the following themes in particular:

  • implementing your learning about Faculty Institute topics—Adobe tools, equity and culturally relevant pedagogies, entrepreneurship or interfaith practices—effectively in your courses. What worked well and what challenges did you encounter? NOTE: We will separate these topics into individual breakout sessions or panel discussions once we receive proposals. We are happy to assist with finding co-presenters or you can identify them. We welcome individual submissions and submissions for fully-formed panels or workshops.
  • finding intersections between the above themes, such as using technology to support culturally relevant pedagogy
  • applying what you learned at previous Faculty Institutes or other institutes, workshops, or webinars and how that has impacted your teaching practices or your scholarship (such as the LUMEN Circles, ACUE, and Quality Matters workshops)
  • integrating service learning and/or experiential learning into courses
  • engaging student audiences online and in person at the same time (Hyflex)
  • sharing practices and research in the scholarship of teaching and learning, the hows and whys
  • informing others on trauma-informed education and teaching practices
  • offering advice for newer tenure-track faculty about research, teaching, and service (we especially welcome panels from newly-tenured faculty)
  • offering advice for newer adjunct faculty or lecturers about balancing the responsibilities of teaching and careers (we especially welcome panels from adjunct faculty)
  • sharing practices using digital tools/techniques for successful teaching and learning
  • delivering presentations or workshops on other areas of pedagogical and professional development that interest you or in which you have had success

Note: CETL welcomes a range of presentation formats. Please indicate your preference knowing that CETL will do our best to honor it but may not be able to. We are asking that each proposal describe the content, participant activities, and plans for lively discussion.

Please consider being an August 2023 Faculty Institute presenter. If you have questions, please reach out to Dr. Eva Garin ( or your college’s CETL Fellow. Submit proposals using this form NO LATER than April 1st:  Wishing you a wonderful spring semester and most of all good health for you and your loved ones. Thank you for sending a proposal for the August 2023 Faculty Institute.