Department of Computer Science

Computer Science (D.Sc)

Design the Technology That Shapes the Future

The digital world is expanding at a rapid pace, and the demand for trained computer scientists continues to grow. Advances in artificial intelligence and data science are creating new jobs in software development, machine-learning and cyber security. Bowie State’s program will help you expand your knowledge in these areas as well as distributed networks, bioinformatics, communication, and multimedia technologies. You will enhance your existing computer skills, bringing them to the next level.

BSU offers many opportunities to work alongside faculty members on research projects to develop solutions to real-world problems.  

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At the completion of BSU’s doctoral program you will be able to:

  • Design and implement research projects that focus on emerging areas of technology such as: artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, signal processing and cybersecurity, high-performance computing, and data science.
  • Conduct and publish in-depth computing research.
  • Develop the skills to work in federal organizations, academia or the public and private sector.


The Bowie State Advantage

Computer science professionals thrive in dynamic, hands-on learning environments. At BSU, we offer:

  • Individual Attention: Our faculty works with you one-on-one, providing support and guidance to help you succeed.
  • Networking: You will connect with BSU alumni to find new career opportunities at high-profile organizations in the private or public sectors.
  • Graduate Assistantships: You may teach academic courses or apply for one of many paid research opportunities. If you qualify, you may apply for stipends or tuition assistance through the Historically Black Graduate Institutions (HBGI) Program.
  • Evening Classes: Evening classes mean you don’t have to choose between work and furthering your education.


Student Snapshot: Ruth Abidemi Olusegun

BSU Program: D.Sc in Computer Science 

Current Job:  Graduate Research Assistant  

Favorite Part of the Program: The community! Bowie State helps students network and connect with others towards achieving common goals and making an impact.

What Attracted You to Bowie State University: BSU has a great track record of achievements and is a positive, supportive, and encouraging place to learn and study.  

One Thing You Learned at BSU That Has Impacted Your Life or Career: BSU teaches you HOW to set goals and follow through to achieve them.

Advice for Prospective Students: Stay determined, focused, diligent and keep your goals in mind. Do what it takes to achieve your goals and be driven by your purpose in life.  

By completing the D.Sc in Computer Science, you will increase the breadth and depth of your knowledge through coursework and by the research you conduct in the specialization area of your choice. This degree will offer you the opportunity to become an expert in the field and pursue either a high-level career in the industry or to work in academia.


- Dr. Hoda El-Sayed, Program Coordinator