Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Student Organizations

Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega is an honor society for participants in collegiate theatre open to all majors. Students are eligible to join after obtaining "points" earned by contributing to the productions of BSU Theatre. More information is available at

The Collective

The Collective is a pre-professional student organization that bridges the gap between social and educational dance groups on campus. The Collective provides a safe space for theatre majors who are concentrating in dance and movement studies, dance minors, and any other students interested in learning and cultivating their dance and movement gifts.

The Collective values professionalism, unity, integrity, and collaboration. Weekly classes/rehearsals, workshops, and performance experiences will be offered as well as >audition preparation, practical self-care tips for the artist, and professional exposure opportunities. The Collective connects the Bowie State University dance community while creating well-rounded artists who can choreograph, perform, and teach.

The Theatre Guild

The Theatre Guild is a student organization of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts which is open to all students and is dedicated to raising awareness of all things theatre on campus and in the community while maintaining departmental standards and protecting the interests of members, majors and non-majors.


  • to facilitate pre-professional development.
  • to engage students through appreciation, education, and enjoyment of theatre
  • to broaden the relationship between theatre and organizations on campus
  • to liaison between students and the Department of Fine and Performing Arts