DARTT Lab faculty retreat presentation cover Learn about the DARTT Lab (PDF)

Located on the first floor of the Center for Business and Graduate Studies, the world-class Data Analytics Research Trading and Technology (DARTT) Lab is a critical resource to students across disciplines to gain exposure to large data sets, software and technology resources for innovative pedagogy and research.

The interdisciplinary research lab is focused on solving large-scale data analytics problems that arise in different domains including, social networks, health care, science, retail, economics, finance and business. It provides an invaluable tool for our students to gain real world experience under the guidance of our skilled Data Science and Analytics (DSA) faculty community to enhance their data management, data analytics, financial trading and research skills sets.

Promoting Student Experiential Learning Opportunities

The DARTT Lab’s overall benefits to students are the experiential learning opportunities that lead to the development of hard skills for internships and jobs, co-curricular and course support, and the strengthening of data science and analytics understanding through the application of discipline specific knowledge. These activities will include:

  • Service-learning projects with nonprofit and civic organizations
  • Datathon competitions to address issues impacting the local and national economy
  • Case, business, and financial planning competitions sponsored by local and national organizations
  • Undergraduate research symposiums focusing on faculty and student data science and analytics research projects.

The net benefit is that students gain valuable skills and experiences that are directly translatable to their future career path.


Bolametiren Cecilia Akinlaja
Data Analytics Research, Trading & Technology Lab Manager

Joshua Adebambo, MBA
Data Analyst
College of Business