Undergraduate Research

Empirical research has consistently pointed to undergraduate research experience as a powerful tool to attract and retain students in majors, and promote graduate school aspirations (Eagan, 2010; Russell, 2005; Mabrouk and Peters, 2000; Alexander et al, 1998; Foertschet al, 1997; Sabatini, 1997; Alexander et al, 1996). In addition, undergraduate research is found to be very beneficial for underrepresented minorities and women in providing them with mentoring support and connecting research to social implications (Aspray and Bernat, 2000; Brazziel and Brazziel, 1997; Han et al, 2007; Sax et al, 2002; Seymour and Hewitt, 1997; Sax, 2001; Sax, 1998).

The student research experience in applied Data Science and Analytics will entail:

  1. Involving students in intellectually stimulating multidisciplinary research experiences;
  2. Providing real world project with adequate mentorship utilizing data from our partnering organizations and other open source big data sources in their discipline areas;
  3. Developing teamwork, leadership, problem solving and presentation skills;
  4. Recruiting undergraduate students (preferably from upper division courses), particularly women and underrepresented minorities; and
  5. Developing students’ interest in pursuing graduate studies.

Research Areas

The research areas will focus on, but will not limited to, data science, big data and analytics applications, issues and opportunities in economics, chemistry, biology, finance, etc. as well as design and evaluation of data science, big data technologies and analytics methods, techniques and tools. Special consideration will be given to research projects that have potential to impact minority communities


All full time faculty pairing with undergraduate students can apply. Priorities will be given to faculty applicants that are active BSU DSA Faculty Learning Community members.