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Dr. Janelle Cox
Assistant Professor
Proctor Building: Room 275

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With a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision (with a Specialization in Social Justice Counseling), you will develop the skills necessary to work with clients in schools, colleges, rehabilitation centers, and mental health clinics. As a student at Bowie State University, you will diversify the field of mental health counseling and establish yourself as a subject matter expert that counseling professionals will depend on for advancement. You will learn how poverty, racism, and discriminatory practices affect clients from a social justice perspective and how to provide marginalized groups with a better quality of counseling.  

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With a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision, you will examine how marginalized groups, particularly people of African descent, are treated within the context of their community and learn to identify its effect on mental health. You will consider the impact of culture in every theory, intervention, and technique to relate this viewpoint as an educator. You will learn to address your questions through research, share your discoveries through teaching, and apply your knowledge in practice.  

As a student you will:  

  • Analyze theories relevant to counseling from multiple theoretical and cultural perspectives.  
  • Understand the purpose, roles, and relationships of clinical supervision.  
  • Establish, deliver, and evaluate curriculum and methods relevant to counselor education.
  • Design and implement quantitative, qualitative, and program evaluations through research and scholarship.  
  • Demonstrate multicultural and social justice theories and skills to leaders across counselor education and professional organizations.