Office of Facilities Management

The Office of Facilities Management is pleased to have this opportunity to introduce the department to you. We are responsible for the implementation of capital projects in support of the University's strategic mission and also for the maintenance of the University's buildings and grounds. We strive to do this in a cost-effective manner in order for the campus community to have safe, comfortable, and attractive facilities in which to discover, learn, live, and work.

Our intention is to work with the University community to find ways in which our resources can best be used to meet the above goals. We are including information on this website that will not only keep the community abreast of our major capital and renovation projects, but also enable them to have access to our most frequently used services.

We recognize that the success of what we do depends on a collaborative effort—if there are any suggestions along the way on how we can simplify and make our services more effective, we welcome them. We place value in the assets of our facilities and hope to continue making more strides in their improvement. Let's work together.

Need Something Fixed?

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