Registration Information

All students interested in attending classes at Bowie State University must register online using Bulldog Connection. Once students are admitted to BSU, the Division of Information Technology will mail them a Bulldog ID and password that must be kept confidential to protect their academic record.

Instructions concerning registration time frames are given in the bulletin for that semester or session on Bulldog Connection. Undergraduate students are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering. No students are permitted to attend a class if their name is not on the class roster.

Late Registration

A late registration fee of $50 will be assessed to any student who fails to complete registration within the specified period for regular registration. For fees and charges, see the Schedule of Charges on Bulldog Connection.

Deadlines on Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing from Classes

See the bulletin for that semester or session on Bulldog Connection. Classes can be added or dropped online using Bulldog Connection within the designated time frame. User Guide for adding and dropping classes How to Register for Classes (pdf)

Discontinuing attendance does not constitute dropping a class and such action will result in a grade of "F," which is computed in a student’s average. The student also will be held accountable for the cost of the class.

If you withdraw from a class, it will show on your transcript as a "W." If you do not withdraw or drop a course and stop attending the course, you will receive an "F" grade.

Dropping, Withdrawing, orAuditing a course(s) may affect a student's full/part time status and eligibility. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid for Return of Title IV Funds policies and refund information.

Payment of all tuition and fees is due as soon as possible.