Winter & Summer Sessions

Bowie State University offers courses in two other sessions beyond the fall and spring. During the month of January between the end of the fall term and the beginning of the spring we offer a Winter (Mini) Semester. This brief, though complete, academic session contains a wide variety of courses from many of our academic programs. The courses meet the required number of hours to meet accreditation standards, yet in a compressed format that is completed before the beginning of the spring term.

Many students are able to focus in on a course that they will not be able to take during either the fall or the spring.  It is a good way to maintain the pace necessary to graduate in a timely fashion. The courses are part of our curriculum and are taught by the same faculty who teach during the spring and fall.

Winter (Mini) Semester

The Winter Mini Semester takes place during the month of January. In just three weeks, students are able to accomplish a complete college level course. Learn more about the Winter/Mini Semester.

Summer School

The courses offered in the summer are part of our academic curriculum with an emphasis on those courses needed by our students for progression to degree.

We also offer a number of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level that may be of interest to our neighbors.  Although a part of our degree programs, these courses will provide experience and exposure to important concepts and knowledge essential in today’s professional environment. Learn more about Summer School.