Department of Social Work

Social Work Major

What’s more rewarding than a career that provokes change and strengthens communities? As a social work major, you’ll develop the problem-solving and leadership skills to help create real-world solutions for people in need. Confront poverty and homelessness. Challenge ineffective systems. Champion the rights of vulnerable populations. You have the power to make a difference in the lives of people who are waiting for your help. Accentuate your passion with an education that prepares you to lead the change you want to see.

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We’re proud to be one of a few undergraduate social work programs to include a unique language track in either Spanish or American Sign Language to help students and graduates maximize impact in diverse populations. You’ll do more than earn a degree — you’ll explore the human experience, from behavior and relationships to ethics and race. As a social work major, you will:

  • Study the intersectionality of religion, spirituality and social work
  • Understand the unique variables of serving children, families and the elderly
  • Learn to meet the needs of clients across different communities and demographics
  • Discover the influence of psychology and sociology on an effective practice
  • Master the methodology of generalist social work

Your education will never be limited to the classroom or the campus. Learning opportunities exist all around us, and Bowie State has a long history of engagement with the extended community for field instruction. You’ll work closely with experts from community associations, mental health agencies, homeless shelters, nursing homes and other social service organizations to advocate for the disadvantaged. All seniors (and some juniors) complete two semesters of internships, which add up to 200 hours of invaluable “classroom in a community” experience.