VI - 1.10 - Policy on Racism and Campus Diversity

I. Policy and Purpose

The Board of Regents of the University of System of Maryland (USM) has adopted the following "Policy on Acts of Violence and Extremism" (USM Policies, VI-1.10):

The essential nature of Bowie State University (BSU) requires an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding of diverse groups, ideas and opinions.  Acts of destruction or violence which are racially, ethnically, religiously and/or otherwise motivated against the person or property of others and which infringe on the rights and freedom of others will not be tolerated at USM institutions or facilities.  Individuals committing such acts at any facility of the USM are subject to campus judicial and personnel action, including suspension, expulsion or termination.  In addition, the Board of Regents encourages its institutions to pursue criminal prosecution of persons committing such acts under state and federal criminal laws.

BSU endorses the spirit and the letter of this policy, affirms its intention to provide equal educational opportunities for all students, equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees and to foster campus understanding of cultural diversity and an environment of tolerance and mutual respect.  At the same time, BSU recognizes its obligation to protect the First Amendment rights of all and to encourage vigorous and open academic dialogue and intellectual inquiry, even that which may include speech that espouses controversial or even offensive ideas.

It is also the policy of BSU that acts of violence directed against individuals, groups or institutions because of race, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation and/or any other protected status which may result in physical injury or property damage, will not be tolerated.  In addition, students are prohibited from intentionally using racial, ethnocentric or sexual invectives, epithets, slurs or utterances directly to attack or injure another individual.  Violations reported under this policy will be reviewed by BSU’s Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer to guarantee that First Amendment protections are observed.

BSU will promptly investigate complaints of racism, hate crimes or other behaviors in violation of this policy and, when necessary, will institute disciplinary proceedings against the offending individual and notify the appropriate authorities, if warranted.

Complaints of racism or other violations of BSU policy on Campus Diversity may be brought to the heads of departments/units, the Dean of Students or the University's Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer.


Effective Date:  1991
Revised Date:  04/17/2012