VI - 4.17 - Policy on Ticket Sales

I. Policy

A. Ticket sales for events held by any University department or organization will be supervised by the Wiseman Centre Administrative Specialist and verified by the University Internal Audit Office.

B. Purchase of printed tickets will be made through the University Procurement Office in accordance with the Bowie State University Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual.

C. Failure to comply with the ticket sales policy will result in the denial of the application or cancellation of a scheduled event.

II.  Procedures

A. Any University department or organization planning an event that will involve charging admissions will inform the Wiseman Centre personnel when completing the Space Request Form.

B. All ticket purchases except those of Intercollegiate Athletics will be handled by the Wiseman Centre through the University Procurement Office.

1. If the department/organization wants to use special printed tickets, the information wanted on the tickets, including event name, date, ticket  price(s), and ticket type(s) must be provided to the Wiseman Centre with sufficient time for tickets to be received and recorded.

2. Separate tickets must be ordered for each type of ticket to be sold (i.e., student, general admission).

3. The department/organization is responsible for the cost of all special tickets purchased.

4. For small events, roll tickets will be provided by the Wiseman Centre.

C. Departments/organizations will not be allowed to use tickets that were not purchased through the University Procurement Office by the Wiseman Centre.

D. All purchased tickets will be sent directly to the University Internal Audit Office  by the vendor. The Internal Auditors will verify and record the tickets received and will hold the tickets until the date of scheduled ticket sales. On the date of scheduled ticket sale, the verified tickets will be signed over to the control of the Wiseman Centre Administrative Specialist.

E. All ticket sales, except those for Intercollegiate Athletic events and theatrical performances sponsored by the Department of Humanities and Fine Arts, will be held in the Wiseman Centre.

F. The Wiseman Centre will provide staff who will supervise ticket sales in conjunction with a designated member of the sponsoring organization.

G. All cash collections will be verified by the designated Wiseman Centre staff member supervised by the Director of the Wiseman Centre and will be secured in the Wiseman Centre until deposited in the designated FRS account on the first business day after the event.

H. The final accounting of the event, a copy of the deposit receipt and all unsold tickets will be submitted to the Internal Audit Office for verification.

I. The original receipt and a copy of the final accounting will be submitted to the sponsoring organization.


Effective Date:  09/14/1994