VI - 4.00 - Policy on the Naming of Buildings

I. In compliance with BOR 143.0 VI-4.00 - Policy on the Naming of Buildings, Bowie State University, as a constituent institution of the University System of Maryland, shall adhere to the following policy:

A. The Board of Regents must approve all names of new and existing buildings on Bowie State campus, excluding Foundation-owned buildings.

B. When a building is named for a person, it shall be named either for scholars or other distinguished individuals who are both preeminent in their field of endeavor and/or have contributed meaningfully to Bowie State University, or alternately as a donor that has provided a substantial gift to the University.

C. To nominate a person's name for a building, a portion of the campus grounds, or major portion of any facility requires a letter of application to the President of Bowie State University. The letter shall include a written justification supporting such action.

D. A request to nominate a person's name for a building shall comply with the following guidelines:

1. No building or other campus facility will be named for individuals currently employed by the University System of Maryland or the State of Maryland.

2. When the person to be so honored is living, three (3) years must have elapsed since any formal association with Bowie State University or employment with the State of Maryland. Such affiliation includes time spent as an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate student; as a paid member of faculty or staff, whether full-time or part-time; as a paid State employee; or as a member of the Board of Regents.

3. A naming opportunity associated with a major gift to Bowie State University or an affiliated foundation, will normally receive favorable consideration only when the gift exceeds 10 percent (10%) of the cost to construct or substantially renovate the building proposed for naming.

E. In order to assure the collaborative roles of the multiple constituencies of the University, the President shall refer the request to the University Council for its recommendation. The University Council will have four (4) months to reach a consensus and recommendation. Should the Council fail to report to the President their recommendation within the time period, the President may proceed unilaterally in processing such a request to the Chancellor for approval by the Board of Regents.

F. In making a request to the Board of Regents, the following information is to be submitted by the President in the standard Board of Regents format:

1. institution name;

2. a detailed request, citing the facility in question, the proposed name, the existing name if any, etc; and

3. justification, including such relevant information as the nature and duration of the individual's affiliation with Bowie State University. If the naming is a stipulation of the gift, the request must explain the proposed arrangement. If the gift represents partial or total funding of the construction, remodeling, or renovation, the following information must be included:

a) a timetable for project implementation;

b) relationship of the project to Bowie State's long-range plans;

c) source and status of the University's capital budget funds needed in addition to the gift; and

d) operating budget implications and sources of funds.


Effective Date: 12/22/1998